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Although we love to compose images that speak for themselves, sometimes that is not enough.  When your message requires explanation, movement or kinetic energy to help it stand out from the crowd, video can be the answer.  Whether you need a thirty second commercial, a three-minute explainer video, a testimonial or a full-length production, we can help your message break through the noise.


Creating a video from concept to completion consists of three steps:




Step one (Pre-Production): This is where all the planning and coordination happens.  The better the planning, the more successful and smoother the rest of the process will be.  We discuss your strategy & goals, budget, timeline, script creation, talent and location(s) for filming


Step two (Production): This is when we capture all the elements that will be in your final video.  Sound, Lighting, Performances, B-roll, Interviews, Voiceovers are all captured according to the plan.


Step three (Post-Production): This is where all the elements get edited together: music, titles, captions and other graphic elements are all combined to create the final video.


This process is very collaborative and can convey much more emotion, excitement, gravity & levity than the written word or images alone.


Some samples of our work can be seen on our

video portfolio page.


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